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dreambible.com • View topic - My dead brother holding a bouquet of flowers

My dead brother holding a bouquet of flowers

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My dead brother holding a bouquet of flowers

Postby dreamer57549 on June 18th, 2020, 1:10 pm

Dream: My dream was not long at all I believe it was more of a visions of my older brother Joe he use to call me Weezie and there he was standing in the doorway holding a beautiful bouquet of flower and just smiling at me. he had a whit haze around him and as handsome as ever and I looked at him and said his name and I woke up. I felt very happy to see him it was like he was relieved and happy and just smiling.

Significant Life Events: Success for my business needing more clients for my business to grow.

My fears are financial wanting my business to grow to be able to sustain myself.

I am in the process of filing for divorce and my spouse will not cooperate with me, he cheated on me and I left and he is putting the blame on me.

Background: I am a 62 year old multiracial female and self employed

Mental Illness Or Depression: A little depressions

Location: I live in Fayetteville GA

Feelings About People: My brother died of cancer and before he passed he did hurt me alot but I forgave him. I came to his bedside and held his had before he passed away and even kept one of his padded gloves from his hospital stay for awhile I loved my brother very much and truly miss him. sometimes I think my younger son has some of his ways. I feel that this might be away of him telling me that he and my sister that passed away are ok because she loved flowers.

Relationship Status: separated

When And How Often: this vision happened this morning 6/18/2020 just once
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