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dreambible.com • View topic - Death of 3 of my other 11 grandchildren

Death of 3 of my other 11 grandchildren

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Death of 3 of my other 11 grandchildren

Postby dreamer616 on February 28th, 2013, 9:13 pm

Dream: 3 of my grandchildren came 2 visit me. 2 are brother and sister from my son who lost his 3rd child, and the other girl is my daughters eldest kid who she dont see because of her ex inlaws. The kidz just died in my dream, in their sleep. I took them into my garage and placed them into a flat fridge with a milky fluid. I parked the car in front of garage, my husband found the kidz and suddenly the police were there. I told my daughter in law and she just say 'ah its ohky ma'. I was scared the police would think i killed them, i didnt. Then it started bothering me if they were dead when i put them in that fridge. I dreaded phoning my ex son in law....then i woke up

Significant Life Events: Leaving my husband because of his drinking. Lost a grandchild, mine in Rustenburg closing. Have 2 move and find a new job

Background: I am 47, female. My second marridge. 4 kidz from first marridge. Housewife. Lost a grandchild 2 months ago

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: Rustenburg, Northwest, South Africa

Feelings About People: I have an awesome relationship with all my grandkidz its only my daughters, daughter that i dont see anymore because of the ex inlaws

Relationship Status: Married

When And How Often: It occured last night
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