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dreambible.com • View topic - Dreaming of black spider eating butterfly

Dreaming of black spider eating butterfly

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Dreaming of black spider eating butterfly

Postby dreamer57546 on June 17th, 2020, 11:59 pm

Dream: Had the same dream twice just different colour butterflies
1st dreaming of a black spider not small about the size of a bread loaf chasing one orange/ gold and black butterfly and eating it Then dreaming of the same spider achasing a bright purple almost pink butrefly then eating it then the spider runs to my bed While im looking at it (supposed to be sleeping) It climbs into my bed next to me ewhile my x whom ive started seeing again is next to me sleeping I could feel the spiders legs agains my back i woke up my partner in my bed next to me .i tried to stop/hit it

Significant Life Events: Being a good mom to my kids
Putting God's will 1st
A better paying job
Making peace and forgiving
Really wanting to meet my life partner and settle down
Have my own godly family amd being a good example
Doing the right thing

Background: 27 years
Employed as a 72 hour flexi at a jewellery store
Divorced single mom of 2 small boys
Started seeing my x again
Moving back in with him soon

Mental Illness Or Depression: Depression and anxiety

Location: South africa

Feelings About People: I love this man so much . Want to give him another chance ...but not sure if i can trust him...h
If he is telling me the truth that he is not using weed anymore
We are getting back together
He is the father of my youngest son
He is willing to go for counseling
Both dreams happend in the early morning still dark hours

Relationship Status: Just started dating my x again

When And How Often: Early morning hours still dark
18 06 2020
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