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Two baby horses

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Two baby horses

Postby dreamer57544 on June 17th, 2020, 9:09 pm

Dream: There were two baby horses that where just born, one was white and easy to spot. The other black horse got lost and I went to look for it, but I went to let the nice dog out and there was a dog that jumped down from the roof to attack it, and I strangled the dog and stabbed it in the throat with my keys. Then I was hanging out boating with a old childhood friend and they were talking about an island of snakes.

Significant Life Events: Work, family, and practical matters. My new girlfriend moved in with her son, and my brother and his girlfriend didn’t like her so they moved out.

Background: Male, 26, white, and middle class.

Mental Illness Or Depression: N

Location: Maine

Feelings About People: I had a traumatic experience with snake while hanging out with this particular friend

Relationship Status: Dating

When And How Often: Once.
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