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Unknown ghost

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Unknown ghost

Postby dreamer57541 on June 16th, 2020, 3:17 pm

Dream: I had a crazy vivid dream that I saw a girl I never knew walking in my house. In my dream I was laying in my bed trying to fall asleep when I heard someone I’m the hallway and this girl walked into my bedroom. I was like what are you doing here ( during the dream it felt very very real) She was standing next to my bed holding clothes to put away so I went to grab it and say this is my house but when I tried to touch her I realized she was a ghost I couldn’t touch her. She looked down with folded clothes in her hand and said I’m dead. Then I “woke up” so it felt like a dream but I was still asleep. I proceed to start trying to tell my sister and a friend but then I kept “falling asleep” and talking to this girl so everytime I’d wake up I as trying to tell my friends so someone could help me with the ghost! I was talking to her in a dream but when I’d “wake up” I felt like she was really in my house but could only communicate thru me sleeping so I tried to find someone who could talk to the dead so I could help her. I even started screaming at a lady calling her omnee saying help me I saw this girl. I do not know anyone named Omnee in real life but in the dream my dad said he knew her. According to my dream dad she could see and talk to the dead. So I was trying to find her and finally saw her randomly at a big mansion behind my house. So I started screaming for her help she was looking right at me. I noticed her looking around as if she could t see me . Then I saw her not at the house even though we were right there a second before now we were staring in some lab and she was saying she heard someone screaming her name but couldn’t see where it was coming from I didn’t understand how she couldn’t see me and as soon as I died to tell her name again I woke up in real life

Significant Life Events: Not being able to sleep well.

Relationship issues feeling like I’m the only one taking care of our child but my husband does work and take care of house

Background: 27 female stay at home mom to a 15 month old.

Mental Illness Or Depression: Yes

Location: Elkton md

Feelings About People: I never met the ghost girl or omnee but as soon as I woke up and all day since I feel very off. I truly feel like someone was trying to send me some type of message.

The friends I asked the help me find the girl I’m not friends with anymore then we’re old high school friends who I do still talk to just don’t hang with

Relationship Status: Married

When And How Often: It happened during a nap today around 2pm. I fell asleep at 2pm woke up at 245 pm
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