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University Deliverance

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University Deliverance

Postby dreamer57540 on June 16th, 2020, 1:32 pm

Dream: While I was sleeping, I was taken to my old university dorm room. While I was in the room, I saw a man enter through the door. As soon as I saw him, I knew that it was a daemon. I immediately called out saying 'In the name of Jesus' and before I could complete the sentence it went away.
Next, I was walking on a one-way path with thick vegetation/grass on both sides. It was more like a ravine on both sides with tall grass. While I was walking I saw a girl walking towards me in a distance. She was wearing a white dress with short skirt and had dark skin complexion. As she came closer I realized that she was a daemon. I called out saying 'In the name of Jesus get away from me' and she vanished.
Next, I saw myself in the university auditorium which was full. While I was there, there were a lot of people(students) mocking me. Then I saw a guy run towards me with a gun. Some people around me caught him and took the gun away from him. They brought the gun to me and gave it to me. In my hand, I saw that the gun was very beautiful. It was a silver revolver with a bright BLUE handle. I felt that it was very beautiful. I walked towards the guy who came with the gun and saw that he was sitting at the drivers seat of a blue semi-truck. I walked to the truck, extended my hand, and gave the gun to him saying 'Do whatever you wish to do'. He took the gun and immediately pointed it to my head. I closed my eyes. I heard a loud bang and shark pain on the top of my head and realized that the bullet had scraped the top of my head. I felt the pain where the bullet had scraped (a line through the middle of my head) for some time even after I woke up.
Seeing all that happened, the whole auditorium went silent. I climbed the podium with the pain and gave a message on salvation. In the end, I saw that many people accepted Jesus and also many people getting delivered from demonic issues.
Next, I found myself at my house and everyone in the house was concerned and were asking me about what had happened. At that time I heard a knock on the door. Someone opened it and I saw the guy who shot me standing at my door with tears in his eyes. I told him 'I am busy' but with a heavy heart I told him 'Come let's talk'. Then I put my arms around his shoulder and we walked outside the house, on the walkway talking.

Significant Life Events: I was helping a family to get delivered from demonic influences that they were having for more than 15 years.

Background: My name is Jaeson Augustine. I am a 33-year-old married guy with 2 sons. I currently reside in California. I'm a born again Christian and I do what I can at my workplace and other Christian groups to help and spread the gospel.

Mental Illness Or Depression: NO

Location: Hayward, CA (USA)

Feelings About People: I did not know anyone who came in the dream. It was all centered around me and ministry

Relationship Status: Married with 2 kids

When And How Often: 06/01/2020 and it is not recurring.
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