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My eldest son died

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My eldest son died

Postby dreamer614 on February 28th, 2013, 4:07 pm

Dream: I was contacted by police knocking on my door that my oldest son had been in some kind of accident (I don't remember it ever being made clear in the dream what exactly had killed him even tho I kept asking.) It was a typical windy day, sun shining which bothered me because I felt like it should have been raining not sunny on such a sad day. Next thing I remember is I'm sitting in a funeral home picking out caskets with some girl that worked at the funeral home. Other than her I was alone picking out my kids arrangements. It seemed to skip from there to the funeral..I know there were lots of people there but I couldn't tell you who. All I know is that I was standing at his casket with him laying in it sobbing. My youngest son stood next to me with his arms around my waste. I remember screaming NO THIS CAN'T BE..then I woke up with my heart pounding and crying. I got up for a while, went and checked on my boys, finally went back to bed and the whole dream started back up again. I only got to the funeral home looking at caskets and my youngest woke me up with his coughing. I literally could not go back to sleep after that.

Significant Life Events: I have recently taken a huge test and am trying to decide what I want and how to go about getting my degree. My son also just had a huge test to determine if he could go to the gifted and talented school rather than regular classes. So I guess all of that and the financial aspect of all of that have been on my mind. That same son just recently had an accident on his scooter that messed up his mouth and I've had to take him to several dentist/orthodontist appointments. My youngest has asthma and the wind has been blowing horribly so I've been worried about him as well. My husband and I seem to be on different pages in regards to finances and job/school. Stress doesn't even begin to describe my life the last couple of months.

Background: I am 28yrs old, female, white, stay at home mom

Mental Illness Or Depression: only mild post partum depression..I do have anxiety problems from time to time

Location: Tx USA

Feelings About People: My sons are my everything. My eldest and I are so much alike that we butt heads alot of the time but we seem to understand each other. He is one of the funniest, smartest, most caring, loving, hard headed child I've ever known. I love him more than words could ever say. Our relationship is great. He talks to me about most everything. He drives me nuts some days with how hard headed he is but I think it's nothing more than normal mom/son battles.

Relationship Status: Married

When And How Often: It was last night and it repeated in the night once I went back to sleep.
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