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Outdoors event

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Outdoors event

Postby dreamer57526 on June 12th, 2020, 1:51 pm

Dream: I am Working in a library with lady. We get ready for our day and sure enough we get busy. All of a sudden we end up outside and I’m with a Minister friend from Church for a minute and we look up towards the sky and the most unusual stars light up the sky and begin flowing and rotating and its breathtaking. We step out from the trees that are near us to get better look and I hear trees rustling with the sound of a big bird. All of sudden we see a baby eagle struggling on floor with out it's momma. I don’t assume to do anything about it and mention to my minister friend who speaks spanish that it’s the most protected bird. I then see a lot of bird activity and notice a dove/pigeon trying to attack it and fly away with it. I decide to get big stick and smack bird and it’s relentless . I manage to smash bird away and it turns into violent fish so I smash it and beat it while my library friend puts it in sack and we decide we’re taking it to safety to call animal society.

Kind Regards
Victor Serrato

Significant Life Events: Ive just been desiring to get close to God and be used of Him.

Background: 45, Male, Hispanic, Educator, Business owner, Church Staff

Mental Illness Or Depression: No illness or depression at all

Location: Atwater CA

Feelings About People: Not a lot of people in dream but I respect the minister in dream.

Relationship Status: Married

When And How Often: Occured about 4 days ago and has not reocurred.
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