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Other people under water

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Other people under water

Postby dreamer57525 on June 12th, 2020, 12:13 pm

Dream: I was vacationing in what I think would be italy. It was night and I went for a walk I found myself standing by a lake or the ocean. A lady came and talked to me about how many times she comes/ i lit up a cigarette and and looked in the water and saw a literal sea of people under the water. They were alive and weren't struggling, just standing there in like a daze. Then there was a man at my side explaining it to me. I didn't see his face. I wasn't afraid. He said 'oh, they're real''amazing isn't it' and explained why they were there.. I started waking up after that.

Significant Life Events: I'm on vacation. Nothing but living freely

Nothing outside the usual.

Background: 25. Female

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: W.v.

Feelings About People: I didnt know anyone. I mean my boyfriend was in the hotel in the dream. I didnt know the man or the lady or anyone in the water.

Relationship Status: Dating

When And How Often: This afternoon
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