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dreambible.com • View topic - Car Crash and Death of unknown

Car Crash and Death of unknown

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Car Crash and Death of unknown

Postby dreamer57521 on June 9th, 2020, 12:22 pm

Dream: If I'm going, to be honest, last night was rough for me I had a feeling of sadness and loss of hope. I di not act upon my feelings I knew they would eventually pass. I was wrong it came to me in a dream that honestly has me unsettled. I was driving down a two-way highway with my father, he was driving everything seems to be normal. Well, that's until a semi-truck behind us got hit by a car then it created a chain reaction where the semi hit an oncoming car head-on. My heart dropped and as my dad was looking back to see what had happened the car in front stopped abruptly and we crashed into it but wasnt enough to make a dent. I started to yell at my dad to pull over and cal 911 and so we did. He pulled over into a small town one mile away and he called. He had not seen what had happened so I explained to the operator. I felt so helpless i knew that what had happened was not survivable and I wanted the people to get the help they needed. I was alone an still on the phone with the operator as they had already sent out a few cars. I remember telling the operator that I can't handle this because i already have so many issues that I don't need another one on top of all the distress in my life already. He asked what do you mean issues? I explained my mental state and my recent events. He said he was sorry I haad to witness what had happened that day. My heart sank as he said no one survived. I knew from that point on I was never getting in a car again yet ever looking at one. I woke up sweating and super restless. I knew it wasn't real but it is still on my mind and it bothers me. Now I have this feeling of something bad is going to happen and I don't know if this was a way of my mind telling me I'm not mentally sound. I don't know and that is what I'm nervous about.

Significant Life Events: A bad feeling of something unknown or a big change in events will occur.

I live with my mo because my dad cant handle me because im a very impulsive and troubled person. I struggle with a lot of issues i tend to always push people away in fear of being hurt..

Background: My name is Mackenzie i am a 16 almost 17 year old female. I am a student and i am seeking a job at the moment and trying to finish school.

Mental Illness Or Depression: I suffer from chronic depression, childhood trauma, possible PTSD, and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). I also take medication for my diagnosis and I also have issue sleeping.

Location: Canada, Alberta Edmonton

Feelings About People: Im sacred about what this is trying to imply or tell me.

Relationship Status: dating

When And How Often: last night and its the first time i a have dreamt this.
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