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Is all about the saxophone

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Is all about the saxophone

Postby dreamer57520 on June 9th, 2020, 5:41 am

Dream: I went for a concert,that concert I saw a musician a saxophonist rather and a small child playing and I was happy,and the following night I dreamed a dream,that I was coming from somewhere,and as I about to enter my house gate,and I met two old woman in one face,I mean one person in two,the first is of God and the other is from the devil,so the first one was like my child,what happen that your face looks like this I said nothing,but the first old woman knew what was wrong,and I told her that I love sax,and if I see someone that can give me,I will appreciate,so the first old woman gave me,as soon as I wanted to collect it from her the second woman said no don't collect it,but before that the first old woman said if she gave the instrument to me,am I going to use it for the glory of the Lord,I said yes,but the second woman said no,so both the first woman and second woman we're both arguing but the second old woman disappear while the first old woman gave me the saxophone.i became very happy.
My second dream was that I saw my self playing the saxophone in my church and people if God we're overwhelmed at my performance,and after the ministration one of my colleagues or a sister to me rather snap with me outside the church,as I play hymnal songs.

Significant Life Events: Seeing myself playing the saxophone
Yes,I do experience fear

Background: 19yrs of age
Am a student

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: Nigerian
Oyo state
Ibadab city

Feelings About People: I add one of the on Facebook,since they are musicians,and some of them are likely to look younger.
The other one was I went to meet him in an reception,and he interview me on my music life,since I know how to drum talking drum

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: Around December last year(2019)
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