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dreambible.com • View topic - I dream 5 times inside my dream

I dream 5 times inside my dream

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I dream 5 times inside my dream

Postby dreamer57507 on June 3rd, 2020, 11:05 pm

Dream: All my dreams are on my apartment and my 1st dream was that girl chiza she wants to have sex with me and then after when we got to CR its really dark and i cant see light even i switch on the light then there we kiss. After that things suddenly change like i thought i already awake but i was still on mu dream again and again and lasty i thought that i wake up already i try to wash mu face with running water from thr faucet i feel the cold water but then there's something that i feel scary the whole room was dark and i cant turn on the lights even then i go to bathroom start to take a bat then i see my partner there taking a bat then after she do it her face Change into something scary after that i wake up with a loud scream i know that if i scream hard i vourld wake up. I feel that i wake up on my dream for 5 times and that 5 times i thought i was already awake.

Significant Life Events: I was scared not to find decent jobs and i was excited of the new girl next to our room in out apartment that girl was my gf bestfriend sister and i find her hot and her name is chiza

Background: Im A male 22 years of age no work at the moment

Mental Illness Or Depression: Noo

Location: Philippines

Feelings About People: I love my girlfriend and i don't want to lose her but same time i want to try that chiza next to our room

Relationship Status: Live in together

When And How Often: It happens just once
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