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Anger and black and white

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Anger and black and white

Postby dreamer57502 on June 2nd, 2020, 2:57 pm

Dream: Both of these dreams started with my closest friend being super mad a me over not hanging out with me in one specifically she had 2 very delicious looking sandwiches and she said she wasn’t going to share and I was reallyyy hungry in my dream the next part involves someone I don’t have contact with. In both dreams he’s there at school and we make eye contact and my dream goes from color to black and white. In the next part of my dream my friend just looks very disgusted by me.

Significant Life Events: I’ve been thinking a lot about all that’s going on right now and wanting to quit my job. Also thinking about everything that happened with someone
No I’m not

Background: My name is Maria Im Hispanic

Mental Illness Or Depression: Yes

Location: The United States

Feelings About People: My closest friend I love her we are on good terms. The guy like I said we are not in contact and my feelings towards him are disappointment. The friend we are not in contact but on good terms.

Relationship Status: Single

When And How Often: I had this dream yesterday and the day before.
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Re: Anger and black and white

Postby ElizVanZee on June 25th, 2020, 1:07 pm

The close friend represents an emotional aspect of yourself, one reflecting feelings that you could expect to work in your favour. As you mentioned, you and this friend are actually on good terms. This indicates that you are not thinking realistically about those feelings that do work in your favour.

The scene suggests that by not maintaing the closeness with a friend (not hanging out) the friend has chosen to hold onto a negative and wrong idea pertaining to earning your daily bread or income. (represented by 2 sandwiches) The True Self here has a great hunger or desire for "a sandwich" - for the one sandwich the friend would have shared with you if she had not been feeling so estranged from you. That is, if you had better maintained the friendship, your own emotional nature would be giving you a positive idea about earning your daily bread instead of a negative one. Each sandwich looks delicious, that is, seeing the idea of earning your income positively could give you great satisfaction.

The male in this scene would appear to represent simply the idea of masculine, logical thinking. Making eye contact here can simply imply giving recognition to logical thinking. When you do this you start to see a situation with less emotion and more factually (colour to black and white)
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