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Postby dreamer57501 on June 2nd, 2020, 7:57 am

Dream: I dreamed I was busy in a house and I was helping a friend. He had all kinds of laundry and trash. I had to sort it. I got it done. I noticed In with the white paper the bathrobe, it was white ,I pulled it out to put it in the right pile. Then I Saw my old friend who Has already gone on to be with the Lord standing in front of me and he said we had to go to this thing but we had to be back that very night it was urgent then I woke up

Significant Life Events: A person I’ve known for thirty years who’s a preacher and my desire for him. His wife had a stroke and is not doing well get the impression she’s going to pass.shes 80 I’m presently divorce.i love them both much. It’s been impressed upon me that I will be with him.

Background: I’m 57 and white and stay at home female

Mental Illness Or Depression: None

Location: Live in united state in texas

Feelings About People: The man who I saw in the dream was an old man I used to take care of who I was very close to he was very precious to me .we were close friends

Relationship Status: Divorced and not looking

When And How Often: Just happened last night more like in the wee hours of the morning
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