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dream interpretation

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dream interpretation

Postby dreamer57499 on June 1st, 2020, 2:02 am

Dream: on april 29 2020, i had a break-up dream with my partner. in my dream i was in some part of the uk. i was standing by a big road, next to me on the right was a house but at the same time it looked like a tunnel/lighthouse
behind me was just a pathway and trees. in front of me it looked like i was doing a bbq under the sun but i was also by myself - i cant remember whether or not i made a call or he called me but suddenly we were on the phone and he said to me
- i dont want to be with you anymore. i have 4 girls in my life. you're far and i can't deal anymore. at the moment there's a girl that i will be moving in with and another 3 that wants me, in all 4 of you, you are the furthest and so i can't deal.
- from what i gathered while talking to me he was in a car with his friend and he called me and put his phone on loud speaker and they way he talk to me was arrogant as if he was showing off to his friend.
- in my dream, after he said everything he had to say, i responded with ok bye - I didn't want to beg for him over the phone because i had realised he was with his friend. because of he response i gave in the dream, he wasnt happy and he wanted me to beg so he din't let me finish talking. he just hanged up on me.
when he hanged up i noticed that career wales had called me and i had 3 other miss call from a friend of mine. I woke up sad of the nature of the dream and scare if the dream was going to come true - i prayed about it

May 18th, i had another dream. on this day/night i had 3 dream in the row. one i don't remember. The second one, i was a childhood friend of mine and this time he seemed like we were in Cameroon when i suddenly received a loads of picture messages coming from my partner and a video call from a girl i used to be friend and haven't spoken to in a very long time. in the video call she wasnt even talking to me so my childhood friend who also know her asked me to hang up on her which i did.
we started looking at the pictures that my partner sent - these pictures were off him and another woman. it seemed like they were on holiday and there was to be a weeding but these were the things i was thinking.
the first picture was beach side shoot - a high quality professional shoot of him and her. she was in a big gown kind a like a swimsuit look
the second one was a video of him being in a photo shoot onboard a ship and inside it seemed like a party - bride party but there was no bride - i starting think if it was his wedding
why was it that he wasn't there?
i was very confused
I woke up at that point wondering if it was god telling me it was time for us to partways
i prayed about it again but not happy. when i woke up it was 3am that day.

my last dream was an exorcism dream where a person transformed into a banshee and was killing people around me. this dream was the same setting at the second dream but this time i was not with my childhood friend anymore he had left and i was with other friends and he were in a leisure cent by the pool when the door locked and there was a boy outside the door and put something into his arm and turned a man inside into a banshee. I don't know if the boy meant any harm but the door could not open. In my dream i held my breath. the banshee came close to find out if i was alive and put it's hand on my nose and i had held my breath and i was terrified that i couldn't hold for long and he was eventually going to kill me when suddenly i woke and found out that in real life i had held my breath - it was 6am in the morning. i said a pray but at that time i could really sleep because of all the dream i had had that day - wondering what they meant.

Significant Life Events: My relationship and financial issues

Background: female age 28 from Cameroon and employed

Mental Illness Or Depression: NO

Location: UK

Feelings About People: the person which concerns me most is my partner. he is someone that i love very much. we have been dating for almost 2 years now and it has always been long distance. unfortunately, my partner is an asylum seeker in another country and before i had this dream, my partner and i spoken about parting ways as he had found a way to be legalised. it involved another woman

Relationship Status: dating

When And How Often: April 29th and May 18th 2020
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