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Sex and ex inlaws

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Sex and ex inlaws

Postby dreamer57498 on June 1st, 2020, 12:56 am

Dream: I dreamed I was by my in-laws and went in to the bedroom where a young man was and he expose his penis to me which looked very appealing I finally decided to have sex with him, but one of my ex family members walk in on us and left again. I felt ashamed and then my ex husband came and we left together. In my dteam I was also fearful that they will tell him about what happened .. Remember these people treated me like I wasn't good enough.

Significant Life Events: My ex husband just a sudden concern for him after dreamed a few days ago that he passed away and that people are giving there condolences on Facebook I was completely disturb and sad because really wish him the best. Even though his family didnt want us together anymore.. Yet I've never used drugs and was always trying to heelp him.. I didnt realise that hs been using drugs for years. Im tiref if wanting to save people and then my life gets side tract. I had to let go

Background: Im a 48yr female divorced 3yrs ago my ex husband made my life very difficult in an after we've separated he had a drug addiction problem he was my 2nd husband we had no children together but I have 3 daughters of my own. Life hasnt been very easy for me, I have made very unwise choices that lead me upto this stage of my life im still picking up the pieces. Have since move in with my mom with my youngest daughter my 2 older gorls are independent already.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No not really.. Making unwise decision jas led me to be a little anxious otherwise my personal is kind of strong I was lead to believe.

Location: I live in Cape town,South Africa,Western Cape. Mitchells plain

Feelings About People: My relationship with them is distance.. My ex is now living on the streets and his mother wants nothing to do with him. I feel its the right decisionfinally we couldn't help him anymore. But dont blame me for your sons failure I tried my best to help him and they new he was on drugs wwhen I got involved with him I didn't and there behavior ay the time was that I was thr best thing tthat could happened to him.. Untill he almost dragged me down too and I had to run for my life because I have a young daughter still that I dont want to end up with that kind of problems. My mom feel exactly about him the way his mom feels about me..after everything I did to help that man and how he stole an sold all my goods I've build over the years im still hurt but also healing.

Relationship Status: Divorced

When And How Often: The sex dream lastnigh. not really
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