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Postby dreamer57496 on May 31st, 2020, 12:21 pm

Dream: The dream stars with me being in a crowd of people there were no specific colors, just people. Somehow this girl I know for a long time, (she's a lesbian) is being fought with in front of me by a guy and and he hits her mostly somewhere outdoors that I don't know. Then the dream skips to a indoor place that I know and there's a table in the middle and it's the same girl and the boy with the guy hitting her again and she's trying to placate things with him but he won't listen and just keeps hitting her and then another guy joins him to fight her. They both look angry and everyone around me just sits and watches them fight. I remember thinking why is everyone allowing this? And why am I not intervening. I only know the girl in the dream, we are friends and we get along fine but we're not having problems with our friendship. I didn't feel anything just weirded out like why am I having this dream. Then I woke up.

Significant Life Events: I have been frustrated, scared, worried these days over someone that's blackmailing and threatening me and I'm scared he will do what he threatens me with. My relation is fine.

Background: I am a 21 year old black female, I currently am unemployed I was in jail with the person that I dreamt of.

Mental Illness Or Depression: Yes. Constantly.

Location: I live in the Caribbean Islands, Aruba to be specific.

Feelings About People: I don't have a problem with the aforementioned girl, we're friends and I have no problem with her choice of life etc.

Relationship Status: Im in a 5 year relationship with my bf.

When And How Often: It occurred yesterday during 6 to 8 am.
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