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dirty ocean waves

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dirty ocean waves

Postby dreamer57495 on May 29th, 2020, 7:17 am

Dream: im in a boat but its like a big bout made of wood. with my classmate when i was junior high school were not really close. My college friends were there but i only hear there voices , im the last one who finished eating and im counting my bills, even though the total amount of bills is like around 500 pesos when i calculated it the total was 800 pesos up, so i said sadly that i have 800 something to pay for. and then i went to the part of the boat that looks like a comfort room but no walls just a hole and you can really see the dirty ocean but its kind a dirty water you can see in the river. Then i face in front of the boat theres no walls also, i only see the clear sky and the waves that look like a tidal waves, i really think that it can washed us all but it didnt, 2 or 3 times the waves occur i really feel nervous as i remember and then i watch my classmates i get confused why they are all calm and someone making jokes of me then i joked back.

Significant Life Events: my outputs in school, the person i like, my family, my future and the last game i really like

yes, i experience frustation, fear

Background: 20 yrs.old

Mental Illness Or Depression: i think i had depression last year

Location: philippines

Feelings About People: i was shocked why my junior classmates was there because they were my mean classmates way back highschool. and then my college rich friend who doesn't care paying bills because she has money and right she's living in my grandma's house with me. were close.

Relationship Status: dating

When And How Often: today, almost morning
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