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dreambible.com • View topic - Jealousy over a friend outdoing me in what I love

Jealousy over a friend outdoing me in what I love

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Jealousy over a friend outdoing me in what I love

Postby dreamer57494 on May 28th, 2020, 8:28 am

Dream: I saw a friend of mine dancing (contemporary/jazz/lyrical dance). She doesn't dance in real-life but in my dream, she was really good. She was in a room that was relatively small for dance, even though I knew it was specially made for that. It had the form and size of a bus. The ceiling had an industrial style (black). There was a big mirror on the right, long side and there was a typical white dance floor. I don't remember seeing that place ever before. My friend was dancing with a teacher. Everything together felt only like about 10 seconds.
I wasn't in the scene, I was watching from somewhat of a third person. The place itself looked really nice and had a good vibe.
My friend (I only noticed this a few hours after waking up) looked really similar to me, it could have easily been me. Her hair and clothes were the same I had worn before. I didn't really see her face in the dream, I just somewhat thought that it was her.

Significant Life Events: I want to become a professional dancer, and my mind has been a lot about how to achieve that dream/goal. Other than that, I have been thinking about changing schools because of the people in my current school.

Background: 16 y/o

Mental Illness Or Depression: no diagnosed mental illness

Location: Europe

Feelings About People: I say that she is my friend but the truth is that I am sometimes a bit too jealous of her. Even though she has quite a few conditions (mentally and physically), I envy her. She seems to have so many talents and doesn't mind talking about it (not directly bragging). She often says she doesn't have much money, maybe because that's the case for the rest of the friend group, but then shows off the latest things she bought or did, that we can't afford. While I say she's my friend, there's a lot of things I think are a bit fishy about her.

Relationship Status: single

When And How Often: last night, it isn't recurring. I also didn't remember a drem at all for about 6 months before that.
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