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Piranha chase

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Piranha chase

Postby dreamer57493 on May 28th, 2020, 4:11 am

Dream: I was taking a walk through a forest without my phone. I saw a lone house and decided to go and knock the door and ask if I could use theirs to tell my girlfriend I was safe. As I approached the house there was a puddle along the wall which surrounds the house, the puddle had a piranha in it. As I got closer the piranha grew legs and chance me down the driveway towards the front door. The people who lived in the house (they were the people who love in the house opposite mine, they’re an elderly couple who don’t often leave their house) opened the front door but said I wasn’t allowed in unless I got rid of the piranha so I climbed the wall and jumped onto the piranha. It turned into a jelly like substance. The couple let me in to their house and told me the phone was in the kitchen. While I was phoning my girlfriend the piranha (as a jelly like substance) made it’s way through the drains and emerged from the kitchen sink. It reformed as a piranha and chased me in circles around the kitchen. The couple stood in the doorway of the kitchen and laughed hysterically at me. I dived through the window and started sprinting (I was no longer in a forest I was in my street). I ran 27 miles to my girlfriends house while still being chased by the piranha. When I got there she opened her front door holding a shot gun and shot the piranha twice. Then I woke up

Significant Life Events: As the country is in a lockdown I am finding it difficult as I live alone and I haven’t seen my girlfriend or other friends in a few months

Background: 17 years old, White, Male, Student

Mental Illness Or Depression: I have ADHD

Location: South Wales UK

Feelings About People: Confused. They are Myneighbours, we have only had brief interactions.

Relationship Status: Dating

When And How Often: A couple of weeks ago. This was the first and last time I had the dream
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