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Break in

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Break in

Postby dreamer57489 on May 25th, 2020, 2:11 pm

Dream: i was napping in my dream but woke up suddenly (in the dream) i hear noises downstairs then an asian woman and old man come to my room
they are kind of nice to me until the woman realised i was sleeping without a shirt on and she jumps on me and grabs my boobs , the man takes her off of me
i started yelling and i told them im going to call the police but they promise they’re not stealing anything so i don’t call the police
~~~i forget some parts now~~
my family guests are over and the man and the woman are in my room with their children and i try telling my mom and dad about them but they aren’t listening/ they don’t care so i tell them i’m calling 911 and they tell me “no, the family upstairs is just playing with my toys” (i don’t even have toys so idk)
everyone leaves, including that man and woman and her kids but then later on so find a kid under my bed (the whole time i was assuming they were stealing stuff, and i thought this kid would come out later and steal stuff)
i call the police multiple times but they never picked up and then i woke up

Significant Life Events: For arround two years now my biggest fear is definetly coming face to face with a burglar. This all started two years ago when my mom had to call the police bevause we heard someone break into our house, only later to find out it was my brother walking in the house but I was still scared out of my mind

Background: girl, sixteen years old, white, part time job at a sport store

Mental Illness Or Depression: Anxiety

Location: Ontario, Canada

Feelings About People: My mom and my dad are very close to me and I love them. I don’t know who these people who broke in are, i don’t recognize their faces/can’t remember them. The guests over were family members, but i don’t remmeber a lot of interactions with them in my dream, and the burglars kids were not recognizable either

Relationship Status: single

When And How Often: i took a nap from 1pm and woke up at 2:45 pm on a monday afternoon
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