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dreambible.com • View topic - Yellow Claw-like Things Coming Out of Finger

Yellow Claw-like Things Coming Out of Finger

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Yellow Claw-like Things Coming Out of Finger

Postby dreamer57486 on May 23rd, 2020, 9:04 am

Dream: The dream was jumpy. I remember getting into an argument about someone accusing me of cheating in front of my girlfriend. I got really upset and yelled at them. Forced the accuser of telling my girlfriend it wasn't true. Then I somehow got into a scuffle with that person and told them to stay 10 feet away from me at all times.

I then entered a college classroom. Where I was crying and I couldn't stand or control my body very well. I was called to the front of class by the instructor who asked me a question, 'What level of realization do I have?' I responded, 'There are no levels to realization. One who is truly realized has realized all. The rest is an illusion.'

I lost balance a few times standing on a table in front of the class and the dream jumped to me talking to someone that I couldn't recognize. He seemed like a new friend. The scene jumped pool party where everyone was playing water polo. The new friend said that he thought one of his friends might like me too. He wanted me to introduce me to him.

After introducing me to him, he acted with a cold sholder. I thought in my head this guy is an oddball.

The final part of my dream ended with me in my bathroom. I was looking down at my fingers and I saw several long yellow claw-like things that were punctured from the top of my finger cuticles through the end of my fingernails. This made my hand look like it had claws. I freaked out and started to remove them. I was able to remove the easy but it felt odd that I was removing them. Pus was coming out of some of them like it was some sort of fungal infection. My nails were intact after removing them except for the one on my right ring finger. That nail partially fell off when pulling the yellow claw-like thing out.

This is where the dream ended. This was one of the most vivid dreams I've had in a while and had a strong compulsion to search up but I couldn't really find an exact interpretation of.

Significant Life Events: Work stress around losing clients. My personal growth. Also, possibly losing a relationship that I am in because of changing circumstances.

Background: Male, Asian, Employed

Mental Illness Or Depression: No.

Location: California

Feelings About People: I felt like the dream was odd. It felt very emotional.

Relationship Status: Dating.

When And How Often: Last night.
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