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Staying Safe Inside A Car

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Staying Safe Inside A Car

Postby chase on May 22nd, 2020, 5:40 pm

I'm inside my vehicle facing west on Queen street near Connaught at the streetcar driver building. The power goes out to "everything" outside like nothing in life anywhere can work accept walking. I reach to lock the car doors, but the lock and unluck are rubbed away. I'm not sure which one to press as 3 dangerous Indian men (India) are surrounding my vehicle ready to come inside the vehicle to rob me or hurt me. They never do come inside and the lock button I choose was right and the doors lock.

I look to the left outside and see the Indian men walking around interacting with someone I can't see and then suddenly out of nowhere comes a police officer who looks he thinks the situation is ridiculous like he's nicer than I expected. But, one of the Indian men has a glock type handgun and points at the cop smiling and shoots him in the stomach. The cop leans forward bent over in pain and fades away.

I then see a streetcar on the eastbound tracks near Greenwood Ave and Queen. I have no idea when it's coming. It just sits there for a while.

Then all of a sudden out of nowhere the streetcar comes and rams into the 3 Indian men and converts into a "Fire Truck Wood Chipper" that causes massive blood spillage everywhere. Blood everywhere. Oh my God the blood is everywhere. Massacre of people I can't see. I only see the back of the firetruck woodchipper to my left. I hear the sound of an electric powertool buzzsaw table saw as all the blood spills. I feel safe the whole time, just surprised.

Then I feel myself pulled back a bit or in the air a bit so the neighbourhood I was looking at becomes a bit smaller. I see a thin whirlwind of air or whiteness or white energy go into the sky from the road in front of the streetcar yard above streetcar tracks as famous people's voices say something like "oh my God if that's all he wants than I'm fine with that."

The dreams ends with Billy Hannigan sitting on a bed holding a cellphone. Bottom bunk or center of a bed facing me.
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