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Baby Boy

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Baby Boy

Postby dreamer57484 on May 22nd, 2020, 9:17 am

Dream: My boyfriend and I were in dollar general. I picked up 2 hand soaps after smelling them. He paid for them. I was babysitting my God son so I was carrying his carseat around. Once we got home I took my God son out of the carseat and laid him on the bed. I left the room for a second, went back in and my God son was playing with my son (I don't have children for real) but I picked them both up and went to stand in the bathroom mirror where my boyfriend was washing his hands. He took our son, laid on the bed started playing with them. They were happy and laughing. My mom came to visit. I pulled my boyfriend to the side and told him I was thinking about going back to work soon. He told me no. He's got it. I'm staying home with the kids.

Both boys were light skinned. I'm brown skinned, my boyfriend is dark skinned. The hand soaps were orange, citrus smell. I remember the store being clean. My son had a gender neutral name. He had the biggest smile.

Significant Life Events: Well my sister's about 6 weeks pregnant with twins. I recently thought I was pregnant but I'm not. I keep having dreams of this light skinned cute little baby boy.

Yes, my boyfriend and I don't really communicate well. I think he's cheating. I'm extremely insecure too.

Background: I just turned 22 on May 19. I'm black, no kids and I don't have a job. I'm in a fresh relationship of 5 months.

Mental Illness Or Depression: Yes, I recently tried to overdose and I cut my wrists.

Location: Aberdeen,MS

Feelings About People: I love my mom. We have a great bond. I love the kids they made me smile. I ummm I love my boyfriend.

Relationship Status: Dating

When And How Often: May 21, 2020. It's not reoccurring but the little boy is
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