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Car crash

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Car crash

Postby dreamer609 on February 27th, 2013, 10:35 pm

Dream: I am in a car as a passenger. A semi truck is headed our way and is skidding sideways and ready
to hit our car. I begin to pray and it misses us.
Just misses us by an inch. My heart is pounding I am so scared.

The person next tome is my exhusband and I am pregnat!!! I am 52 for God's sake. Then we go to a home I have never been in and my ex sister in law is there. I am confused. I remember my ex is remarried and sadness hits. ANger.

Then I wake up. I feel like I am on my way to a funeral. So sad. Cannot go back to sleep.

The semi trailer almost hitting my car is so clear
like 3D clear. So scary.

Significant Life Events: Vacation - watched a scary show dealing with the paranormal. My mind was on my ex husband and my children.

Stress fro work. Sadness at where I am in life and where I am going.

Yes. Not happy in the life I am in presently.
Lot of fear. Relashonship is not what I want out life. W

Background: Woman- divorced- age 52- Italian decent. Business
office Manager for a Nursing Home.

Mental Illness Or Depression: NO

Location: East Longmeadow MA

Feelings About People: I have not spoken to my ex in three years - there is no relashonship at all. He has just sone to much to ever speak to him as long as I live. He is a narcisist.
My feelings are all hurt and abandonment and betrayal. Those are my only feelings about him.
My ex sister in law I feel a loss. Never see her anymore.

Relationship Status: Divorced and in a dead relashonship.

When And How Often: Last night. Yes I have had it before. Leaves me full of fear and lost. Mourning a deep loss.
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