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Postby dreamer607 on February 27th, 2013, 9:51 pm

Dream: I was trying to get my grandbaby from school and when i returned outside it was raining and when I looked to the right of me I saw very large turtles moving in the water as if they were trying to move the rocks in the water. And as was leaving I was walking to the car a man and I began to speak on how we do not praise God like we should and we began to praise him. He then fell to the ground and he said when you fall you can get up.I left him there and began to walk and I met another and he heard what we was doing and began to praise God also. The man and I went inside the building and he began to prophesy 1234 everything has to go and he said it several times.And I looked on the wall and there was a black eye looking around the building. And I began to walk away and the floor stood up as wall and I was puzzled as to how I was going to get up there.And as I began to walk it laid back on the floor,and I was outside again and I amazed at how pretty the snow was and I began to throw snow balls.There was Adrian's face in the snow and I walked by and just covered his face, and Ifound myself walking into another room and my niece was there between 2 people naked in a jacuzzi and I told here not to get in there and I woke up.

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