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dreambible.com • View topic - mother in law and sister in law talking to me bout my boyfri

mother in law and sister in law talking to me bout my boyfri

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mother in law and sister in law talking to me bout my boyfri

Postby dreamer605 on February 27th, 2013, 12:26 pm

Dream: my mother in law call me out to tell me about the dirty dishes that her son my boyfriend put outside without washing it while my sister in law his sister cleans the unblocked room next to my boyfriend's room. my mother in law was sitting on a white wicker chair in a blue jeans capri and a green or blue plain t-shirt with really small holes in it different places, my sister in law was cleaning out some of the brick holes which had empty glass bottles in it, she had on a black and white stripped vest

Significant Life Events: why cant any one especially my kids and boyfriend be faithful and truthful to me and why do they always dissappoint me in some way or the other.
arguments between me and my boyfriends about he and all d girls he cal and chat with when am not around and then accuses me of having a man.
relationship and family issues, fear that no one loves me and i will end up on my own

Background: 33 yrs, female nigro tall brown skin and a domestic worker

Mental Illness Or Depression: depression on and off i can control it at some times and i dont take medication for it

Location: trinidad and tobago west indies

Feelings About People: i suppose good even though my boyfriend had a bad argument with the both of them and broke his mother's dish so they are not speaking but i speak to them

Relationship Status: common law

When And How Often: it happen on 26th february 2013
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