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PostPosted: February 26th, 2013, 10:19 pm
by dreamer602
Dream: i had a dream that my shoes and purse was stolen, i was screaming everything i owned was in my purse now i lost it all, and i had to walk home barefooted, the purse and shoes were brown suede, something i dont own,it was nite time in my dream and only street lights on, i was with my husband and sister, i was hysterical screaming,

Significant Life Events: death in family, i have fears of losing everything, and a lot of anxiety

Background: 60 yrs old, female, italian, self-employed

Mental Illness Or Depression: no illnesses

Location: kansas city missouri

Feelings About People: sister i am close to, my husband leans on me too much and i will overwhelmed by always solving the problems

Relationship Status: married

When And How Often: dream occurred last nite