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dreambible.com • View topic - If you take a dream seriously, will you go mad?

If you take a dream seriously, will you go mad?

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If you take a dream seriously, will you go mad?

Postby kew27 on February 25th, 2013, 6:51 pm

I had the most vivid, realistic dream about 7 months ago. I never remember dreams, but I’m still pondering this, months later. I was wondering if someone who knows a little more about dreams could tell me about the meaning.

The dream started here on earth. It wasn’t very colorful and was filled with a sense of anxiety. For reasons I can’t remember, I was getting on a spaceship to discover the secret of life. It was important to remember important details because I needed to bring the information back with me when I returned.

I traveled to another world and landed in a similar planet like Earth. People were there, but they seemed more spiritually evolved and smarter. Their skin was a little bluer in tint and the atmosphere was a light purple. I met with someone there who told me where I was to go next. Jumped in the space ship and left.

This repeated for another 3-4 worlds. It was interesting because I took special note that the farther I went, the brighter purple the sky was and the bluer the people were. I was making the last stop, which was the 7th and final world. This world had bright violet skies and the people were radiating bright blue.

I went into a huge “office” where there was a majestic blue older man with a white beard. He talked to me for a bit explaining to me that I had to take each world one step at a time to get the full understanding. Each world gave me something I needed to make it to the next. He said even the most basic of life is crucial for the development of the most complex. He showed me a Sudoku puzzle and asked where I thought he got it from and chuckled. I knew I was dreaming and became worried that I would forget this new sense of enlightenment. I quickly began writing things down because it helps me remember.
When I woke up, I was excited and had a new sense of understanding. I’ve continued to have the enlightened feeling since.

Why do I remember it? How can a dream make you feel enlightened for so long? What do you think it means?
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