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interpretation of the dream

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interpretation of the dream

Postby dreamer588 on February 23rd, 2013, 2:02 pm

Dream: I was standing on this hill and this kind man standing next to me points at this huge tree. It was enormous and so green was its leaves. The tree was so beautiful that it was enchanting. Then I looked and saw that the fruit it was bearing was also green but the tips were turning black and it was it the flower that blossoms from the fruit was unable to and it was dying. Causing the tree not to be able to become its fullest. Then I woke extremely angry, because I felt like the tree was me.

Significant Life Events: I had just fell asleep after reading a couple chapters in the book of Daniel. I guess what was on my mind is loving God with my heart not just my lips. I feel like such a failure at times.

Background: I'm a 37yrs old female. Been married about 18yrs. I have 3 kids one in which will be going to college this year in June. God blessed him with a scholarship to a Christian college. I've worked at my job at Walmart for about 6 years. I'm Hispanic

Mental Illness Or Depression: None

Location: Orlando, Florida U.S.A.

Feelings About People: I don't know the man in my dream but I felt safe and I felt as if he was familiar.

Relationship Status: married w kidd

When And How Often: It occurred while resting on the Sabbath

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