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dreambible.com • View topic - Running from danger and trying not to alert any threats

Running from danger and trying not to alert any threats

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Running from danger and trying not to alert any threats

Postby dreamer57152 on November 18th, 2019, 3:17 am

Dream: I was in the store, and I was going to buy something I needed (pretty sure it was a flashlight or something) but I realized I had no money. I encountered people I knew while walking and was with them for a little while, because it felt safer than being alone. But they left soon after. I get to this house and find my way to the basement where there's this group of teens my age hiding out, because apparently it's unsafe upstairs. One of the girls in the group is talking about this specific room, where apparently there are supernatural beings inside. She says they should lock me inside so I can experience it for myself, but the rest disagree. Apparently it was really traumatic because the rest are afraid to put me in the room, but this girl's kinda lost it. I look inside and see rows and rows of bookshelves, but I go in alone because I'm afraid the girl will do something if she's inside the room with me. I hear the door close behind me, she locked me in the room by myself. I panic and go to the door, trying to open it and the whole wall is pulling with it, but it's locked. I can tell things are happening behind me but I don't see. Then I'm let out of the room and another group member starts getting mad at the girl. I'm going to lead them upstairs to safety when an old man sees me, and I have to run because he starts chasing me. Next thing I know, I'm alone in this room where the colour green is very present, and there's an office chair in the middle of the room. I hear the man say 'I'm going to find you,' and then he gets to the room I'm in. I was trapped at that point and had nowhere to go. Then he runs to me and I get that weird falling feeling (like in a dream when you fall and you feel it in your stomach). I woke up after that.

Significant Life Events: I've been thinking a lot about, well...the person I have feelings for. She's my best friend, and she knows I like her. Even though we're not dating, we still get quite flirty when we're talking. I've also been thinking about the trauma I'm working through, because it's affected my trust levels for people, even my best friend. But I am learning to trust her more. Another thing I've been thinking about often is exploring, like finding abandoned places sort of thing and just finding where I belong.

I'm not currently experiencing any relationship issues, my relationship with my best friend is very good. I've been fighting a little bit of a cold for the past 2 days. No frustrations really, but a fear. I am currently working through a sort of trauma, my fear is of being abandoned, ignored and ghosted by someone I love. I am also afraid that my best friend will stop loving me, even though our relationship is really well and there is nothing wrong. I've been reminding myself to put more effort into trusting her recently, and I'm working through my trust issues. My best friend has never done anything that has hurt me, it's just a fear from my previous friendship.

Background: I am a 15 year old female who is doing online schooling. I don't have any friends in my town, the only friend I have being an online friend. I am bisexual as well as demisexual, and closeted to my family. I am a Christian, and my ethnicity is German/Polish. If this is any help at all, my personality type is INFJ-A. I am not currently employed, but looking into getting a job. My passions are writing and exploring.

Mental Illness Or Depression: I used to have depression and anxiety, but I've overcome those obstacles. I am currently working through trauma involving someone I loved ghosting me, and I'm working on trying to trust people more again.

Location: I live in B.C. Canada

Feelings About People: It had a very weird vibe to it, just really...off. Not many people I knew, honestly. At the beginning there was a group of people from school that I don't particularly like much, but I stayed with them because it was safer there. In the basement there was another girl that was supposedly someone my friend (not my best friend) likes, but she was the one that locked me in the room. I don't like her much either because she played with my friend's feelings. Other than that, I don't know anyone in the dream, nor did I see any clear faces. The one that opened the locked door may have symbolized my best friend, but I'm unsure. Pretty sure it was her though.

Relationship Status: I am single, but I have feelings for someone.

When And How Often: I had this dream this morning, probably around 7 am. It's not recurring, this is the first time I've had this dream.
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