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dreambible.com • View topic - Dead dad decorating/hanging blue and white flowery wallpaper

Dead dad decorating/hanging blue and white flowery wallpaper

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Dead dad decorating/hanging blue and white flowery wallpaper

Postby dreamer57150 on November 17th, 2019, 7:55 am

Dream: On my way home, entered home which I didn’t recognise, and was a lot longer and bigger than where I actually live. Saw friends indoors, who I had been wondering where they had got to, on route home.

Went outside of home, next door I widened an ajar door and saw my dad (who is deceased) decorating/hanging blue and white flowery paper.... He was on a stepladder, in what seemed to be a cupboard or storeroom. I thought strange choice of wallpaper, but it was neat, he looked happy with himself (he was a decorator) and I was happy to see him, and happy he seemed chuffed and keeping himself busy??!!!!!!!

Significant Life Events: Lack of funds to complete projects

Experiencing anxiety over personal relationship (am I really in one/will it get better) also relationship strength with children

Background: Aged 58, female - unemployed-medically retired

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: UK

Feelings About People: He is deceased. Lots of Love now, after rebonding.
Had lots of resentment and hurt initially as he left and lived another life in another country... for 20 plus years -
My mother passed 11yrs ago (I’m an only child)
He returned to UK 2014 sick!!!!... I couldn’t turn my back, though friends advised I should do so!! (Mum didn’t bring me up that way)..... I was on my own with the burden. My own health deteriorated. He passed last yr Feb....

I feel I was also given the chance to see his regrets and even some love.

Relationship Status: Single... keep thinking I’m in a relationship, but it keeps stagnating and no stability given.

When And How Often: Last night
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