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Angels of Death

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Angels of Death

Postby dreamer57148 on November 16th, 2019, 4:06 pm

Dream: In my dream, my boyfriend and I are living together at his house, just as we are in real life. He used to be extremely into energy and spirituality, so his house is covered in crystals and flags.

In the dream, he told me how people had learned about this weird portal that can be accessed on your phone, online, or even through gaming consoles. The portal, allegedly, had been the cause behind the disappearance of several people. However, we thought it was just a dumb conspiracy theory.

Thinking it was a hoax, and bored as we were, we decided to see if we could find this portal on our XBOX 360. After hours of searching, we had located this mysterious server that no one else was online in. Then we received a note from an anonymous person through the messaging application. It said that we would receive a visitor at 6pm. We laughed and didn’t pay it any mind, thinking it was, again, just a hoax.

Shutting down the console, we went about our usual night routine; watching something on the couch. After watching a few shows, we heard a knock on the door. We both looked at our phones for the time, and low and behold, it was 6:00pm.

I got up from the coach and answered the door. To my mystification, I realized I was in the presence of two ANGELS OF DEATH. One was a beautiful, extremely tall and extremely pale female angel, with wildly curly blonde hair. She did all the talking. The other angel was a short, stubby older man. He was sworn to silence for eternity, but I was informed that he had exponential wisdom.

The female angel of death told me that she had received our prompt through the server, and was here to collect my soul and the soul of my boyfriend. She explained to me that she could not return to her holy plane unless she had our souls, or she would be vanquished and her essence would be dissolved. This was the punishment for being in debt to the ‘soul collections agency.’

I asked her if we could have more time. She agreed and said she would return the following night at 6pm. In the meantime, she recommended that I carefully consider the three options we could take when she revisited:

Option one: my boyfriend and I could volunteer our souls as scheduled.
Option two: we could give two other souls of two other people to replace ours, or
Option three: we could have a child in our home overnight, and the angels would leave us be. The reason for this was that a divine law was in place wherein angels of death could not take away the guardians of a child.

My boyfriend has a son in real life, and he also did in the dream; however, he lives with his mom for most of the time. In order to prepare for the following night, we made arrangements to have the son spend the night at our house so that we would be protected when the angels returned.

With that, the following day we locked the doors and windows. My boyfriend, his son and I all hid. 6pm came and left, and no angels of death had disturbed us. We slept soundly that night.

The morning, my boyfriend left to return his son to his mother and go away on some work trip for the weekend. It wasn’t long after they left, that I learned that something terrible had happened at my neighbour’s house in the dream the night before.

In my dream, my neighbours were a group of young guys who often had parties and people over. I learned that because the angels of death had spared our lives the previous night, they killed off two people at my neighbours house and took their souls instead. They also learned that it was my fault, because the Angel explained to them the situation.

Immediately after all these crazy realizations occurred, I got a knock on my door at 3pm. Keep in mind, that I was still home alone and at this point, trembling in fear. I thought for sure it was going to be the neighbours seeking revenge (they were troubled people, into drugs, weapons, gang violence and more).

But it wasn’t. Instead, it was the two angels of death again. They explained to me how they couldn’t enter our home last night because we had a child on the premise. However, they needed two souls to give to the collections agency, so they took the two souls of our neighbours. Although the collections agency accepted the two souls, they were angry because they wanted mine and my boyfriend’s SPECIFICALLY. The angels of death warned me that they would return each night to get our souls until the feat was achieved.

Like yesterday, I begged the angel for my time. She agreed, given the circumstances, and said she would not visit my house that night. Instead, she would come by the following night. She was actually extremely reasonable and kind-hearted given the high stakes she, herself was facing. And also the fact that this whole ordeal was basically my boyfriends and I’s fault for dabbling with the divine server.

After the angels left, I tried to contact my boyfriend constantly; to tell him what was going on, to see if he was okay. But for some reason, my cellphone service wasn’t working, and it was like I couldn’t get into contact with anyone outside mine or my neighbours house.

So I went to sleep, exhausted from the guilt and anxiety. However, the next morning, I awoke to more grief. I remember standing on the back porch of my house and looking into my neighbours yard. I quickly learned from the panic that was happening there that another set of my neighbours friends had been killed, and their souls collected. At this point, they wanted to nothing more but to trap myself and my boyfriend and give me to the Angels of Death upon their next visit. With that in mind, I knew I had to immediately flee the neighbourhood. I got into my car and drove to my parents.

While I was driving, I was still frantically attempting to contact my boyfriend, with still, no luck. Suddenly, while I was on the road, I realized somehow that it felt like I wasn’t actually moving closer toward my destination. then I realized that the entire road had been shifting and moving while I was driving, and was actually sending me right back to my house!

I remember trying to correct where I was going, but the same thing happening over and over again. I realized that I was stuck in some tear in the time-space continuum; a Bermuda-triangle like ordeal. In defeat, I let the road return me home. I barricaded my windows and doors and hid from my neighbours. In hiding, I began to devise a plan.

I realized that I would need to put my efforts and the efforts of my neighbours together. I realized that we could only stand up to these higher beings together. I walked over with my hands above my head and begged for mercy.

To my surprise, the owner of the house and the leader of the pact decided to listen to me. He realized that I was the one that the angels wanted, and that it was in his best interest to keep me close. We decided that we would barricade his basement infallible and try to hide from the angels together that night when they returned. So i stayed at his house, with all the other people, and we hid in his basement waiting for 6pm to come.

Shortly before 6pm we received a knock on the door. Everyone tried to stay quiet and hide but I knew something weird was happening because it wasn’t quite 6pm yet. With that, I got out of the basement and opened the door. I remember crying in relief because it wasn’t the angels of death, but my long lost boyfriend! I quickly caught him up on everything that had happened and convinced him to hide in the basement with me.

At 6pm, the Angels of Death knocked on the door. Because we didn’t answer, they helped themselves inside, effortlessly making it past our efforts to keep them out. They sought us out in the basement and immediately entered their too. I remember seeing people hunched feebly in corners and under desks, as if these manmade objects could protect them from holy powers.

I came out of hiding with my boyfriend by my side, approaching the angels. I remember explaining to the female angel that I couldn’t bare to stand more innocent lives taken in place of mine and my boyfriends. I also explained how I couldn’t bare the thought of his young son having to go the rest of his life without his father. I pleaded with the angels and asked if there was anything else we could do. The female angel explained how her existence was also on the line; how the powers that were even higher than hers would dismember her essence until her identity was lost for eternity.

For some reason I remember this part of the dream most clearly. I remember putting my own fears aside and stepping in the shoe’s of the angel. Then I began to encourage her, telling her that her essence was so divine and established, I believed that she contained more power than she was giving herself credit for. I said that I fully believed that she could rise up against those higher powers and stop them from continuing on with their corrupt soul-collections system. I explained to her how I had to stand up and ask my fellow human neighbours for mercy, and how much courage that took. She was inspired! And we came to the following arrangement.

The angels of death would return to the heavens and wage a holy war against the soul collectors. This war would rein on for approximately seven months. If she failed, she would return to earth and the same three options as before would be presented to me every night for the rest of my life. If she was victorious, the soul collectors would be overthrown and we and the rest of the world could live our lives out fully without the angels of death coming for our souls before we died of natural causes.

I remember finding peace. My boyfriend and I had decided that we would sacrifice our souls after seven months to spare the lives of the innocent who would have to take our place each night for the rest of our lives. We planned to spend the next seven months selling our house, using the money to travel the world, blessing our loved ones and making peace with our enemies.

However, we didn’t even make it to the next day before the Angels of Death had won the holy war! She returned to earth to thank me for helping her find the power within herself to stand up to the correct angels who were collecting souls. I thanked her for her compassion and for her sacrifice. And we all lived happily ever after.

Significant Life Events: I have been overwhelmed with stress in regards to being able to find a job in the field of my schooling. At my current place of employment, I feel incredibly unsatisfied and as if my employer hasn't given me the opportunities I deserve to express my skills and abilities.

Background: I am a female in my twenties and I live in Canada. I recently graduated from university where I studied politics.

Mental Illness Or Depression: I used to suffer from anxiety for most of my life. For two years I have been on medication that has successfully eliminated most of my irrational fears; however, lucid and strange dreams are a common side effect.

Location: I live in Canada

Feelings About People: I love my boyfriend and his son in all honesty, and would do anything for them. I also love humankind and would make great sacrifices for its wellbeing; however, I do believe the fear and hesitation to die in my dream is very accurate in regard to my anxiety over death, and well, life too. But the peace I found in the end I think represents my new ability to overcome my anxieties.

Relationship Status: Dating

When And How Often: The dream occurred less than 24 hours before posting, so it is unknown whether or not it will reoccur.
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