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The person I like is dating someone else someone else

PostPosted: November 16th, 2019, 10:39 am
by dreamer57147
Dream: first i was in a auditorium I turned to my left and her head was on his shoulder with one chair space in-between us . then I was at my house with a lot of little kids saying they got kicked on of my little sisters room and i got my desk chair rolled sideways open the door a nudge and one little kid came out i peeked inside and saw them making out

red, pink, brown, gray. sadness, jellousy, and annoyance. my parents room my sisters room the school auditourium. francessca and ben and a little girl wearing mickey mouse ears

Significant Life Events: trying to get this girl to like me

yes im trying to get her to like me

Background: 12 male 7th grader

Mental Illness Or Depression: no

Location: United States new york

Feelings About People: Ben I used no be friends with but now i dont talk to anymore and I knew Francessca for a while but never talked to her until september and i really like her not just cause the way she looks but for who she is.

Relationship Status: single

When And How Often: no and about 5 days ago