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Im on a train trying to save a child

PostPosted: November 13th, 2019, 5:26 am
by dreamer57140
Dream: I can hear and see a dark train. I am chasing it on foot. I can see an infant in a seat its very dark infant is crying. I am trying to get to it but never successful. Everything was black and white mostly black.

Significant Life Events: This was a reoccurring dream for about 6 months when I was roughly 10 yrs. Of age. Obviously it is still very vivid and I feel like it holds some sort of significance after all these years its the first thought I have when someone mentions dreams

Background: Caucasian/Native American. F.M. 55 yrs. Long term unemployed

Mental Illness Or Depression: Some. Nothing to out of the ordinary

Location: Rural Oklahoma

Feelings About People: Did not recognize child.

Relationship Status: I was single obviously at the time of dream. Married now my husband says he knows the meaning. To be fair My Mother deserted me when I was 3.

When And How Often: 45 years ago lasted several months