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Being presented to a Diamond

PostPosted: November 10th, 2019, 2:41 am
by dreamer57133
Dream: I was presented a large diamond probably 3 lbs in weight it was a rough diamond and oval in shape with a stem on the top tilted to the side like an eggplant. I was clear and transparent with no noticeable flaws.

The diamond was presented to me by one maybe two women but in essence, it was the same diamond. It was hanging from the ceiling in a cave at first with a woman sitting in a chare telling me of the diamond in the cave.

Then it appeared in a small room under a chair next to a fireplace then a woman told me to test the diamond to make sure it was real by shining a bright light on it and see if it glows in the dark. It glowed a soft white light like incandescent light in its center and it lights up the room slightly.

The light to test the diamond came from the upper left of the room. I was standing in the middle of the room facing the fireplace with the chair in front of me to my left with the diamond hanging over the chair and a beautiful woman standing off to my right behind me almost in the shadows.

After removing the diamond I remember thinking if I should have the diamond cut or leave it whole but decided to leave it whole and seek advice.

Significant Life Events: Whether the women I have been communicating with who lives in Ukraine has true feelings for me and if I should help my ex start her own business but I haven't told her of the opportunity

Background: I'm a 57-year-old white male game fully employed but feel unfulfilled in my work.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No mental illness

Location: Rochelle, Illinois United States

Feelings About People: The people in my dream were pleasant they didn't say much but directed me in the right direction to find the diamond in both places.

Relationship Status: I am single, I get along well with my ex because we have a thirteen-year-old daughter with and I am communicating with a woman in Ukraine

When And How Often: This is the first time I had this dream.