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3 Lions and a Warehouse

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3 Lions and a Warehouse

Postby dreamer57131 on November 9th, 2019, 7:08 pm

Dream: Interesting dream about 3 lions in an abandon warehouse with a dirt floor. Dream in color.

Ive observed a big male lion from a distance so I grabbed 2 big handfuls of dirt (from the warehouse ground) just to be proactive in case it tried to hurt or attack me. Perhaps thinking I could blind him temporarily to stun him long enough for my escape [?] as I had no other weapons.

As I was walking toward the light [still in the dark though] to the exit of the warehouse 2 smaller lions started walking toward me slowly on the left (but they had no face that I could see but looked at me). They simply walked by with no aggression or attack.

As I was turning the corner, I could see the Dominant Male Lion in view. Full of majestic color. With my 2 hand fulls of dirt ready (just in case he attacked or tried to hurt me).

As we could now both see each other, I approached the open area cautiously (but with confidence) not knowing how this was going to turn out. Was the lion going to attack or let me go....was he friendly [like the 2 previous lions] or not? I don't know...but was prepared for whatever he decided to do.

As the dream was moving to the ultimate climax ....I awoke in an intense state not knowing how the dream ended. It was a great build up to the story...but the story never concluded.

Significant Life Events: Been working on my business and website at smgnm.com My full time job turned to part time this past April, so outside of applying for many jobs, I've decided to start my marketing company again. Much focus as been giving to birth this.

Fears and frustrations primarily deal with my relationship with my wife. We don't [I would call] have a good marriage. My wife is from the Philippines [although lovely, beautify, has a great job and a great mother to my son Brooks] she is a personality type that is very challenging to live with.

Not cut to the chase, she is the most passive, unaware, non initiative taking person I've met in my entire left. We met on a Christian Website and got to know each other for 2 years before I met her. I know its not ideal....but I never put God in a box and felt at peace at the time we got married on June 5th, 2010. We have a 4 year old son now named Brooks who both love. We have been to Marriage Counseling and even paid $800 to have an all day event at Bob and Audrey Meisners's house in Scottsdale.

At a glance, she doesn't see how bad our marriage is. Our son is the center of our marriage and how we are both avoiding each other. She goes crazy 'couponing' every night [comes home late], I go into the hot tub. I feel that their is no hope due to she is so passive and doesn't take initiative in life. She is comfortable with very low standards in all areas of life...comfortable with messes [even our marriage]. It sad actually. Its not the she is doesn't care...she just doesn't take initiative on things. Part of it maybe not her fault as she is so aloof and unaware of the reality of situations. Its a temperment that is very rare and I have never encountered before....and so subtle ...I couldn't see this before we got married. That all said...she is a kind heart....although prideful as she doesn't say please or thank you...she knows what to do in our marriage but makes superficial attempts to try to make adjustments.

Background: BACKGROUND

White, 45, Male, in marketing as I've run smgnm.com. Entrepreneurial type (hard working and cares alot about life and people). Very passionate about life as I prophetically know the ripple our lives can have on others ...not to mention our choices. This is why this dream interpretation is very important to me.

Mental Illness Or Depression: Not at all...used to struggle with depression when I was younger during the winter months due to the cloudy days and lack of sun. It explains me living in Arizona and now New Mexico...I love the sun.

Location: Las Cruces, NM

Feelings About People: The Lions....they could attack me but wasn't sure. They are wild animals. Personally, the Lion is my favorite animal as I love the majesty, beauty and power to execute when they need to execute. A gorgeous animal. Love teasing the lion [at a zoo] to bring out the raw animal in them. Spiritually speaking, I would never be a fool to temp the demonic rhelm

Relationship Status: Married

When And How Often: This morning when I woke up!
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