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i won’t understand

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i won’t understand

Postby dreamer57129 on November 9th, 2019, 2:10 am

Dream: it was in the high school in the gym and on the floor of the gym my ex was counting the beat for the music (he was a drum major in hs) and my friend with hearing loss was the main attention. i came to the graduation anyways because i’m his friend and i wanted to “understand”
dream about my friend with hearing issues graduating from high school with other people with disabilities and telling me not to come because i wouldn’t understand. my ex was also there for music. in the end, we started wrecking cars (outside) and had fun. i also asked him if he still has his gf. he said yes

i could understand him. he thought i couldn’t. i kept looking at my ex greg and just felt hurt. i remember the high school (i hated high school) and i remember a red car. everything else was tan, black or white

Significant Life Events: wondering about my major (theology) if it’s right for me. i’m also in paris and know very little english

yes with my theology major decision

Background: 18. Female. white. CNA

Mental Illness Or Depression: yes

Location: USA Nebraska Omaha

Feelings About People: greg (ex)- i think i’ve gotten over him. i’ve been contiplating on going to UNO for music (like him) because i love music. i don’t want to see him. we don’t talk

Cole (hearing loss)- he’s a good friend of mine. we’re always there for each other. he’s still in high school as a senior and i’m a freshman in college. we talk sometimes.

Relationship Status: single

When And How Often: just started today
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