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dreambible.com • View topic - Cant find my son, stuck in our first home found my daughters

Cant find my son, stuck in our first home found my daughters

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Cant find my son, stuck in our first home found my daughters

Postby dreamer57123 on November 6th, 2019, 11:47 pm

Dream: I start off in the home my ex spouse ( cabin on stilts 3 bed room two bath two floors beautiful home. ) and I owned I find my old dog, then other pets we had, I find my oldest daughter in her room, Then I find my younger daughter out side lost in the woods around our property, then its dark snowing lights on in the rooms but down stairs is dark-ish just Christmas lights up so some light I see my oldest dog out side running around I run out to get her turns out to be two other dogs I have owned in the past. Then I panic because I can hear my son B I can smell him feel his presents I cant find him any where in the house my mom is there all of a sudden closets that have never been there appear to store blankets and clothes. I try to yell for my son but my voice dose not work at all nothing but whispers I keep trying and trying but nothing! Im in tears looking for him I see old friends from the past in my house helping me look and cleaning up and taking care of my daughters the dogs and cats but my son is no where to be found. I hear my ex laughing echoing taunting me but he is also no where to be found. I wake up screaming and crying for my son my Baba my Bobby an he is no where I call my ex to check on my son I get no response. My heart is broken .

Significant Life Events: I cant talk to my son I can see my son I have not contact with my son. I just started a new job part time new meds that are helping my AS and other auto immune things. I cant see my son, talk to my son, write my son nothing! Missing my kids all of them needing to see them love them hold them kiss them talk to them

Background: I am 33 mother of 5, one child in heaven, one child gained by marriage and 3 bio children. My ex has my 2 youngest children wont let me see then hardly talk to them. My son B 7yrs olf my daughter K 9 years old. My oldest J 14yrs old she lives with me. Im white just started working again. I love my hubby son like he is my own but he dose not like me unless I meet his demands and give him what he wants.

Mental Illness Or Depression: Suffer from depression, anxiety had a mental brake down in 2016 ex spouse forced me to sign my two younger kids over to him B and K.

Location: USA AK for myself and oldest daughter and step son, two youngest kids live in Mississippi I have not seen them since 2016

Feelings About People: True friends helping me look for my son, my mom supporting me my daughters supporting me, my ex Torturing me yelling at me making fun of me taunting me be-lilting me.

My old friends we talk from time to time
My mom os always there for me
I talk to my oldest daughter we are close
My youngest daughter we were very close when she lived with me.
My ex wont let me talk to my son or my youngest daughter he says I am not a real parent I will never see them again he says

Relationship Status: Life partner married

When And How Often: At night and has been for months since my ex wont let me speak to my son or younger daughter since they moved to Mississippi.
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