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Postby dreamer57118 on November 4th, 2019, 2:40 pm

Dream: None of the people are anyone I know. But these two little girls mess around and go into a bathroom filled with mirrors and perform a seance and one of the little girls run out of the bathroom screaming because a little ball was moving by itself and ever since then the family thinks it's a joke by killing the family member and passing the demon around back and forth to each other and for some reason they think it's funny and I woke up after that and I don't know it kind of scares me I don't know why I would dream up something like that

Significant Life Events: What me and my boyfriend are gonna do since we r getting kicked out. me and him have been fighting about our past that he keeps bringing up. I'm scared I may never be able to bear a child.

Background: I am 17. I'm a very nice person. I'm a female. I'm white. And I'm a cashier at brookshires.

Mental Illness Or Depression: I have major depression. ADHD. Bipolar. Impulsive.

Location: I live in daingerfield Tx

Feelings About People: I know none of the people in this train never seen them in my life

Relationship Status: In a relationship

When And How Often: It occured today. When I took a nap. I had to call into work today bc I am sick.
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