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dreambible.com • View topic - My friend had a dream about me last night

My friend had a dream about me last night

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My friend had a dream about me last night

Postby dreamer57117 on November 3rd, 2019, 11:13 pm

Dream: my friend had a dream about me last night. she is my colleague.she is one of my christian friends. she was telling me that i was about to sell my organs to someone out of my kindness without my parents knowledge. she tried to stop me from doing that, but i didn't follow her. this was her dream. she had this dream around 3.25 am in midnight,at the same time i called my ex lover at 3.00 am all of sudden in midnight when my heart was heavy with pain...i was in the process of recovery after my break up with him. its been 6 months since we had broke up. we were in relationship for more than 2 years, he says he loved me more than anything and i too loved him. but he had another girl and alliance which was already set up by his parents side. he hid that from me fearing that he will lose my love and presence. without knowing this i loved him above anything and blindly believed him. he will be going to marry that girl next year and he says he stills loves me, but he cant do anything about our relationship.And i too know that this relationship wont work. he says he is all alone now he misses me badly and all.i want to know why she saw that dream about me all of a sudden? what is the meaning behind it?

Significant Life Events: my friend saw this dream and i am going through a break up stage

Background: I am 25 years old female working as a special educator and form christian background.

Mental Illness Or Depression: i dont know. i dont have mental illness. but depression? i dont know if i have after break up.

Location: India

Feelings About People: i dont know it was my friend's dream about me. we are not that so close she is one of colleagues who know about my break up

Relationship Status: single

When And How Often: midnight 3.15 am-3.20 am time
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