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Lost Iphone

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Lost Iphone

Postby dreamer57111 on October 31st, 2019, 3:27 pm

Dream: The first one was simple. I was asleep and suddenly woke up and looked up and there was a dark wooden shelf, a bit dirty and very dusty, and there was my Iphone, slightly dusty. The End.

The 2nd dream was simple also....can't identify where I was, just around somewhere where my daughter was at, and she passed by me and very casually said to me: here's your phone Mom!

The 3rd dream I had last night(30/10/19 and can't remember exactly what it was except that I found my Iphone in the dream

Significant Life Events: The lost Iphone!

Frustrations with life in general

Background: I'm a woman, retired, widow, age 74. Live with my daughter and grandson, i.e. we all live together. Caucasian of Acadian Ancestry.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: I live in Prince Edward Island, Canada

Feelings About People: There was no one in my dream except myself, and the 2nd dream my daughter. That's it...
My relationship with her is great. She is my only child and we are very close.

Relationship Status: single widow

When And How Often: It happened once On Thursday last week, Oct. 23, then a second one on the weekend past (Oct.26 to Oct. 28/2019
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