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Fall in Love with Serial Killer

PostPosted: October 30th, 2019, 4:12 pm
by dreamer57110
Dream: I broke up with my husband because I couldn't take his ranting anymore. He took our daughters and put me in a psych ward that seemed more like a dark, wet castle dungeon. I met a man who was an autistic serial killer and fell in love with him. He was very sweet and attentive to all of my needs and wants. We escaped the psych ward and went to a place that was very secluded that kind of looks like the Louisiana area at night time. Laying in the dirt driveway of the yard was a pregnant lioness sleeping. We got out of the car and the serial killers brother and father were serial killers too and were in the front yard beating someone to death. They looked up and smiled really big and welcomed us and told us to go on in the house, they would be with us in a few minutes. So we went in the house and waited for them. Then we sat down at the table and had a normal dinner like a normal family just talking about stuff like normal. The 3 of them would go out and get people and bring them back and beat them to death. I saw some of it but others I just heard them screaming. During all of it I never felt one way or the other about seeing and hearing people being murdered. I was silent in my dream. I never spoke a single word but it was like they knew what I wanted and what I needed just by looking at me. I did speak one time at the beginning of the dream to the autistic serial killer because he was a virgin and we were going to make love and all I was saying was not to worry, everything will be okay and I'll show you what to do. But I never spoke the rest of my dream and that was the only time anything sexual happened. Also, I didn't know he was serial killer until after we had sex and then he told me. Most of the dream was dark, damp and I heard a water dripping noise the entire time we were in the psych ward. The color of the blood on all of the bodies was a dull.

Significant Life Events: husband constantly venting to me or taking his anger out on me verbally. Sick baby, other daughter's school and extra curricular activities, my health problems, work, money issues. I'm not really feeling any emotions about any of it.

Background: 31 year old white female. Work as admin assistant at very small company.

Mental Illness Or Depression: depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, dis-associative disorder

Location: United States, Texas

Feelings About People: The only person in my dream that I actually know is my husband. I love him but I am getting tired of hearing him complain. The other people in my dream I don't know. I've never seen them in movies or on tv shows or in person.

Relationship Status: married

When And How Often: last night for the first time