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Dogs and fences

PostPosted: October 18th, 2019, 1:42 pm
by dreamer57087
Dream: I was sitting on my back patio and looked behind me and there was a big black dog laying on the fence. It was not like my fence as I has a cinder block fence and this was a 6 foot picket fence. I wondered how he could be positioned on a picket fence like that as it seemed precarious. I stretched up a little and saw that his backside was also on a different portion of another fence that appeared to support his backside. The dog didn't look at me but he wasn't sleeping either, he had his head between his front paws. He was a really big dog with long shiny hair. I became a little nervous as he could have jumped down into my yard and bitten me or something and thought I should go inside. Just then I saw a black cat on the other side of my yard. The black cat was young but not a kitten. I became nervous that the dog would see the cat and go after it so I went and picked up the cat and held it very close to me and went into the house. When I turned around and looked out the door the big black dog had jumped down into my yard and was just sniffing around with a medium sized white dog with shorter hair. They did not seem threatening so I let the cat out the door. Then I woke up.

Significant Life Events: My Father passed away and my sisters are the executors to his estate. Prior to my Fathers passing they did not speak to him due to him remarrying after my Mother passed away in 2014. They have not been very honest about settling his estate to the rest of the family.

Background: I am a middle aged white female. I work for a major financial institution in the financial crimes unit. My background is in law and research.

Mental Illness Or Depression: no

Location: US

Feelings About People: I am not speaking to my sisters and I do not have pets.

Relationship Status: In a relationship

When And How Often: Last night

Re: Dogs and fences

PostPosted: November 14th, 2019, 3:31 pm
by ElizVanZee
The scene suggests a situation in which your mind may cast many doubts and suspicions.(as a house can cast a shadow on a patio) You seem to be resting at ease until a particular feeling you have (a dog) makes you nervous. The dog represents an emotional aspect of yourself, one usually representing feelings of loyalty and friendship. As the dog is a big dog, it implies having a very self protective or self defensive feeling regarding some loyalty or friendship. Here this feeling is seen as negative and unenlightened. (black dog)

Emotionally, using a negative self defensive feeling pertaining to loyalty & friendship you appear to be resting quite at ease "on the fence" - which usually refers to an undecided position. The fence implies a situation in which there are two sides. Your reality would show you that the undecided position is a possible position (as your real fence is of cinder blocks and easy to lay upon) but in your mind (as shown by the dream) the picket fence here makes the position precarious. On closer look this feeling is resting on 2 fences, making the "on the fence" position seem negative rather than positive. The mention of the dog's backside on another fence can imply that where you have some "but's" or objections your feelings have acquired a negative impression of the undecided position.

The True Self is concerned that when you feel negatively about loyalty & friendship - as when feeling you have to justify it - you may emotionally abandon resting at ease with what would seem like a negative undecided position. Then the feeling might no longer work in your favour. (dog could jump down & bite you) The black cat represents an honest, righteous feeling, one you have the right to feel. This is a feeling you "pick up on" - become more aware of, and need to protect (because it is an honest one). Going inside the house implies choosing to be protected by your own beliefs as well as delusions & illusions.

When your feelings of loyalty & friendship do cease to rest at ease "on the fence", a more innocent feeling (white dog) and not self protective (medium sized) is also present. The white colour signifying innocence also implies thinking no malice. The righteous negative feelings (black cat) now are not seen as drawing the anger of any feelings of loyalty (the black + white dog did not seem threatening) and are free to exist in reality (outside).

In physical reality each animal will represent a real person you know. The danger to you comes when your feelings of loyalty & friendship are negative because they psychologically associate with someone who could do you harm. Innocence seems like the best option here.