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A baby in the water

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A baby in the water

Postby dreamer57086 on October 18th, 2019, 5:29 am

Dream: From what I can remember..
My boyfriend, was Swimming in the ocean with my son. I felt him trust the water enough let me son go but to watch him.

(And I don’t know if you seen the movie moana but the same seen happen when moana as a baby walked towards the water and the water played played with her.)

The water lifted my son(as a baby) in the sky. He was in blue ball so calmly. After that I woke up.

There were no negative feelings. I felt trust within the dream. My son did not drown, he was just calmly floating in a water bubble.

Significant Life Events: Honestly, I want to make make a business for myself that can eventually turn out to be my full time job. I figured that since I am good at baking I will try to sell cakes and make more profit. Baking is fun and I can express my creativity but it is also hard work. The challenge is that I’m up against so many people and my skill set needs more enhancing. But I am willing to get started and take simple steps to achieve my goal.

Background: I am 23 year old female (heterosexual). Born In worcester Massachusetts but raised with a Dominican culture. I am a Pharmacy Technician.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: Currently, worcester, MA

Feelings About People: My boyfriend - he has cheated on me so we are On a cliff of wonders. I don’t believe there is a certainty in how that will play out in the future.

My son- My greatest treasure

Relationship Status: I am living with my boyfriend, not married

When And How Often: It occurred once. On 10/19/2019 the dream finished around 5:30am.
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Re: A baby in the water

Postby ElizVanZee on November 12th, 2019, 6:54 pm

The ocean is one of the main symbols of God. Your boyfriend and your son both represent mental aspects of your own mind - the boyfriend suggesting a kind of thinking that can work in your favour and your son reflecting a brilliant idea you have. [This idea could be the idea of baking] Swimming together in the ocean can imply that your mind is making progress when using spiritual thinking. By letting the son go, it seems indicated that you are mentally trusting God or The Spirit with your brilliant idea but still need to be vigilant.

The son, seen as a baby, emphasizes the idea of a new idea or project. The water lifting him up would suggest that God can support or promote the new idea or project. Appearing as if in a blue ball implies that the new idea or project appears to have spiritual approval of a kind that God can "play ball with", meaning cooperate with.

There is one point to take note of, however, which pertains to the age of your son. The Spirit here is shown uplifting "a baby", which emphasizes the idea of mental innocence. The mind of the person using the brilliant idea must reflect "innocence" - one aspect of innocence implied by a baby is sexual innocence. Is your son really a baby?]
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