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Postby dreamer579 on February 20th, 2013, 10:37 pm

Dream: It started by me seeing the word endin judgin from the sky specify the moon there was like couldz or somthng passin the moon nd made a small explosion on the moon as a result the moon broke into pieces nd one big piece fell infront of me then that dream stopd there. Then almost lyk a reverse happened nd I could she everythng that happen bfr the world ended almost like I was dead nd takin to God and he told me that I'm mary nd ma son is God, I got back to earth got my son and husband and told them, then I jst remember makin ma husband angry nd he was chasin me in a buildin nd I then got people help me and hold him while I run then all of a sudden I thought to myself no my son isn't God nd that hz maybe tryin to tel me abwt hm adorted baby nd my son who was in my dream then turned into ma baby sister. That's the end of my dream.

Significant Life Events: I do psychology and from there I learn a lot of thing about children and people and the reason why they do certain thing. This week we were discussing development skills nd so on and it got me thnkin about my relationship with my sister and hw I mistreat her I am always mean to her and almost act like I do love her so I was thinking to myself that this is maybe because she almost drowned a few years ago and half of it was my fault because I was watching her outside like I was suppose to. So what happend that day was that I gt her in da pool all swollen up white thing coming out of her eyes and mouth nd I done cpr and she started breathing took her to the hospital and a day after she was better and from that day our relationship went down hill.

Background: I am currently studying psychology.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: Gauteng

Feelings About People: It is explained on top, my relationship with God I would say is not so close eg. I don't go to church anymore as much as I used to.

Relationship Status: dating

When And How Often: I had a dream about the word ending when there was water all over about during the week of the 7th febuary if am not mistaken and this dream ooccured diz morning of the 21st feb

Re: God.

Postby ElizVanZee on February 24th, 2013, 12:30 pm

Dreams relating to the ending of the world generally refer to a personal situation in which nothing is every the same again. Note how this could apply to the drowning event involving your sister since you mentioned “and from that day our relationship went down hill.” You are seeing the situation as if from God’s perspective. (judging from the sky) It is, however, a perspective that comes from using a lesser light ( the moon) rather than actually God’s light or intelligence (which would be the sun) The view of a situation seen from the moon implies one seen with little intelligence – an intelligence that still leaves you in the dark and thus living without knowledge or information. (moon light may look bright but there is darkness of night all around) From such a view point, something happens that causes an uproar or comes as a big surprise. (somthng passin the moon nd made a small explosion) [such as the drowning event?]

The moon is also a symbol of emotion as well as of a female whose guiding light you might look up to. [Probably mother?] Thus what happens that is so explosive or shocking causes this female to emotionally fall apart. (moon broke into pieces) I assume the piece falling in front of you must have taken place when you were on earth. This emotional disaster probably made a big impression upon you. (a big piece feel in front of me) The large pieces falling from the moon can also suggest that from an empotional perspective you {and probably mother too} are throwing very big stones at yourself, i.e. condemning yourself in relation to a situation that changes everything for you. The falling pieces can also indicate a failing in the female person you would look up to where any condemnation is involved. [It is not a child’s duty to supervise younger children. It is the parent’s.]

Going back in time before this crisis occurred (could see everythng that happen bfr the world ended), it was as if you were living on a different or higher plane of existence (like I was dead) and you could image God telling you that you were a very special and “good” woman. (I’m Mary) But then you come back down to reality (got back to earth) Your own mind when using all its intelligence (represented by the husband) reacts with anger seemingly at this information. There seems to be a building – a mental attitude or philosophy which allows your mind to relentlessly hound you with its anger. (husband… chasin me in a building) [The philosophy referred to here may be one pertaining to allowing yourself to feel you are a good person. Scripture often warns us to avoid feeling we are very good. Or – it might also pertain to your understanding of responsibility.]

There is a psychological aspect of yourself that reflects good ideas (people) that can help you hold back the anger within the mind allowing you to distance yourself from this anger in the mind. (people help me and hold him while I run) Thinking realistically (back on earth) you resalize that your own personal thinking (represented by a son) does not reflect the Word of God. (my son isn't God – -- your son is not Jesus who physically personified the Word of God)

The following part of your recorded dream is not very clearly written: ” nd that hz maybe tryin to tel me abwt hm adorted baby”. What I can make of this is that you think God is saying something about an aborted baby you had. In relation to this idea, the dream is showing that your own personal thinking (my son) is being seen in very emotional terms. (son turns into sister) But more importantly perhaps, the scene is showing that in your mind you are seeing your sister as if she were your own child – thus making her your responsibility. There is some unrealistic thinking here.

[The dream appears to be suggesting that it may be time to drop the anger you feel towards yourself for the horrible drowning incident. God is not the one condemning you here. The condemnation is coming from emotional and unrealistic thinking. Note also that often whan a person is angry with themselves, that anger gets directed towards someone else – in your case note the mistreatment of your sister. The dream is saying it is time to let the imaginative thinking end. (That's the end of my dream.)]
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