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White supremacy group

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White supremacy group

Postby dreamer562 on February 19th, 2013, 9:25 am

Dream: So I had a dream that my mom and dad got a divorce because she was a lesbian and then joined a satan worshipping half dead white supremacy group and so did my brother and my dad shot the first goal of the game with the red wings. And then I went to the white supremacy group to try to get my mom and brother to leave only to be chased out by two undead ghost white supremacy guys so i found a monster truck and ran that place over killing everyone inside including my mom and brother. When I went to the white supremacy place my brother was wearing a red dress shirt with a black tie and he was untucked and his tie was loosely worn. It was like they were having a party and trying to get me to join.

Significant Life Events: I need a new job that pays more. I had to tell my parents I was taking a semester off because of financial issues. My mom never went to high school or college and my dad only completed one year of college so they don't know what it's like for me. I am in a very loving and secure relationship with my boyfriend.

Background: 21. Female. Full time student. Liberal arts transfer degree. Work as a waitress. Mom lives in Florida and dad lives in Michigan but they are still married. I'm white.

Mental Illness Or Depression: Me and my mother are both bi-polar

Location: Ann Arbor MI

Feelings About People: My mom and I have always had a rough relationship because she yells a lot and treats me like a child even though I pay my own bills and live on my own. My brother and I are very close. Even though there is a 11 year difference in age. But I always feel like he is treated like the golden child by my mom. Even though I have accomplished way more than him.

Relationship Status: Dating

When And How Often: Last night. No this is the first time ever.
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Re: White supremacy group

Postby ElizVanZee on February 23rd, 2013, 10:39 am

The dream relates to those beliefs that were meant to be for your own protection. (mom & dad) Where such beliefs are involved, there has been a separation between the logic of the beliefs and the emotional response that would be expected in favour of the logic. (mom & dad got a divorce) In other words the mind and emotions are not in harmony. The cause of this disharmony is the fact that your emotional nature (mom) is no longer responding to logical thinking but now prefers emotional thinking instead. (mom prefers women to men – she was a lesbian) [Because your parents are in reality still married, this scene is showing you that where a your belief system is involved, your thinking is not realistic.]

When your personal beliefs (mom) no longer respond to logic/reason you are emotionally inclined to give support to that aspect of yourself that promotes the idea of being superior. (mom joined a supremacy group) [Note how you mentioned in your personal data that, “I have accomplished way more than him”, in relation to your brother. This issue could be brought up because the Lord does not give anyone the right to feel superior to others. The Lord does not evaluate a human by their “accomplishments”. Scripture mentions that it is not by “works” that we enter His Kingdom.] Where you might be making the most of the idea or feeling of superiority, the scene shows that this way of feeling has joined Satan’s side. (a Satan worshipping supremacy group) In addition this way of feeling is indicated as being half dead – meaning that when you use this way of thinking/feeling, you will not be giving yourself life. [This is so because only beliefs that God supports will add to your “life” quota.]

Because your brother also joins the supremacy group it indicates that your mind (represented by any male) supports the idea of superiority out of innocence – meaning without any intended malice but also as a result of lack of knowledge. As the brother and mother join the group, it also shows that the innocence of your mind is being overly influenced by emotions which are not responding to reason. Using an older opinion, (dad) your mind is scoring or making a point. Shooting the first goal of the game might also simply be understood as earning praise or honour. [How did you see your brother when you were young?]

The scene shows that the True Self would like to get your emotional beliefs and innocent thinking away from the idea of superiority. (try to get my mom and brother to leave) The 2 supremacy guys chasing you away, would indicate that there is negative and wrong thinking that is preventing the True Self from getting you mentally and emotionally away from an attitude of superiority. The undead ghost-like appearance – suggesting zombie-like - implies that this wrong thinking may be falling into the category of the psychologically-spiritually dead – thinking that distances a human from God.

You may need to find a rationale or way of thinking that really works (a truck), one that reflects a higher level of intelligence than the usual (a monster truck) and use it to run down or discredit a being superior attitude. And also terminate this belief and your innocent thinking which is trying to make the True Self “party to” such a way of thinking, i.e. trying to make you give your conscious support and agreement to such thinking.

The brother in a red shirt can have several meanings, one suggesting that the mind in its innocence is attempting to destroy Christian teachings. The red shirt also indicates that mentally your thinking reflects feelings of anger. [probably about mom’s favoritism ?] The untucked and loose tie look can be very simply understood as suggesting a very easy going, casual way of behaving in regards to enjoying a superior attitude. (they were having a party)
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