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dreambible.com • View topic - Dreaming about not being able to wake from dream....

Dreaming about not being able to wake from dream....

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Dreaming about not being able to wake from dream....

Postby dreamer554 on February 18th, 2013, 8:36 am

Dream: I've had the beginning of this dream before....I'm sleeping in my bed in my room in our house. I know that I'm dreaming and then I hear this buzzing noise that is sharp and I'm scared of something....I dont know if it's that I can't wake up or what. It's dark in my dream and I'm screaming and thrashing around trying to wake up. I hear my husband's voice but it's muffled. I think he's trying to wake me up but I can't come out of it. It feels like something is keeping me asleep. Then I 'wake' up but I'm still dreaming. I tell my husband that there is something wrong and I'm going to go to the ER but as I get up out of the bed I fall back under . Everything just goes dark and the loud buzzing noise it back...it feels suffocating and evil. Then I come to again and I tell him to just call an ambulance. He leaves the room to go down stairs to call...and everything goes dark again with the noise. I come to and make it to my bedroom door and I see a dresser on the hallway wall (which in real life isnt there)and the dresser moves down the hall all on its own and I black out again but feel like I'm still moving. I touch the rail that goes around the stairs and everything goes quiet and I know that something happened to my husband and it's bad and the buzzing noise comes back and so does the darkness. Then I finally wake up for real and am so relieved that I was finally awake. I have a friend who believes in spirits and I told her about this dream before and she thinks that its spirits and to tell them to go away. I did that too. I was really freaked out

Significant Life Events: I had a disagreement with my husband a couple times the day the dream occured.

I had gone out with some friends the night before for a couple drinks.

I'm feeling overwhelmed and that household chores and child rearing are falling to me by default. Thinking of adding another child to the family. Frustrated with the lack of help and not knowing how to confront the issue without a blowout fight

Background: 29 year old white female, married with one child, certified massage therapist working in a hospital setting as well as a salon setting,

Mental Illness Or Depression: past history of anxiety and depression

Location: Michigan

Feelings About People: Frustrated and like I cant reach him. I feel like if I wanted out that he wouldnt attempt to stop me. There are good days and bad days as in every relationship. The day of the dream we had fought a couple times.

Relationship Status: Married

When And How Often: Last night. This was the longest it went on. It's recurring.
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Re: Dreaming about not being able to wake from dream....

Postby ElizVanZee on March 3rd, 2013, 1:53 pm

Sleeping in your bed in your room can imply resting at ease with complete peace of mind in a personal situation. When doing this you feel you are dreaming, i.e. living in a fantasy world. A buzzing sound can be associated with bees and the idea of “a bee in one’s bonnet” – meaning that some idea is most annoying and will not let you rest at ease. [Like the idea that “if I wanted out that he wouldn’t attempt to stop me”?] The buzzing sound can also suggest the idea of “getting a buzz from/doing something, i.e. it makes you feel excited or gives a thrill. [Could this possibly relate to the thought of wanting out of the marriage – or to going out for drinks with friends?] Are such thoughts scaring you? (I’m scared of something) Is the idea that you cannot come out of this fantasy; that you cannot come to a greater state of awareness scaring you?

The fantasy being experienced contains no intelligence (it’s dark in my dream) and you are screaming to alert someone to a possible horror or danger while desperately trying to wake up – to come out of this fantasy or imagined scenario. You are able to perceive the voice coming of using all your intelligence (represented by the husband) but your intelligence does not speak clearly. (hear my husband's voice but it's muffled) Your own intelligence is trying to get you away from your fantasy but cannot seem to do so. You seem to feel that something – or some idea – is keeping you living with unawareness. (something is keeping me asleep) [Could it be that you emotionally prefer the fantasy to your reality?]

By “waking up” when still dreaming, it is implied that while you have the impression of becoming more consciously aware, you are actually only “imagining” that this has happened. You tell yourself mentally that something is wrong with you and that you require some emergency care. (I'm going to go to the ER) As you try to come to a greater state of awareness (get up out of bed) you seem to fall back under the spell of the fantasy and lose all conscious awareness. The annoying idea that is so disturbing, or the one that might be giving you a thrill, is preventing you from accessing higher{God’s} consciousness and intelligence and is perceived as working for Satan. (the buzz feels suffocating and evil) You again come out of the fantasy state of mind and tell yourself mentally that some emotional-psychological problem has become a mental emergency. It needs to be taken care of quickly. (call an ambulance) Yet mentally you can see yourself in a losing position when thinking there is some call for – some need for – getting emergency treatment quickly (husband leaves the room to go down stairs to call) and you again lose the awareness you briefly had.

You again regain your conscious awareness and attempt to leave your personal point of view (make it to my bedroom door) and see a belief you have, represented by the dresser. The dresser can suggest a belief in dressing, or getting dressed up. It can also suggest a belief pertaining to the roles, functions or behaviour you could take on (since clothing is stored in a dresser). In this scene the idea of dressing or the roles you could take on are being seen unrealistically. (dresser .. which in real life isn’t there). The belief is being backed by your own ego and is being seen as belonging on a mental course of action or way of thinking your mind provides for you. (dresser on the hallway wall) and it has been given “life” in your mind. This means an idea pertaining to dressing or roles you could take on is being physically expressed or experienced. Here again you lose your awareness but not your awareness of still following a way of thinking being taken by an unrealistic belief. (black out again but feel like I'm still moving)

You sense the reality of ranting and railing, i.e. of complaining in a way that here will put you into a posing position.( touch the rail that goes around the stairs) and for a moment the “buzz” – the annoying idea or possible thrill – is stopped and in this moment you realize that something bad has happened to the intelligence you have available to you (know that something happened to my husband and it's bad) because it is allowing the annoying idea to return and leaves you living without all your awareness and in darkness, i.e. without knowledge and intelligence. You will find that truly “waking up” to your situation will be a great relief. [Note that this dream set in your house is indicating that the main issue here is your mental attitude. Note also that simply complaining – without thinking in terms of a more favourable situation being possible – will only put you in a worse position.]

[Note also that there are no spirits causing this “buzz”. The only thing that gets into your mind is what you have put in there through your own thinking. Ideas or beliefs you have which do not work in your favour will appear in dreams as things attacking or scaring you. There is much misunderstanding about the spiritual system.]
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