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What is in it?

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What is in it?

Postby dreamer552 on February 18th, 2013, 2:37 am

Dream: My boyfriend and I were lying down on his bed and a friend of his suddenly comes and laid down between us, speaking Jamaican Patois Language with him.

The room was dim. I felt he just wanted to see him briefly.

Significant Life Events: My relationship with my boyfriend.

I'm trying to get pregnant for my boyfriend


Background: Employed, 31years, African, Female.

Mental Illness Or Depression: No

Location: Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Feelings About People: I love My boyfriend so much and always try to make him happy.

Relationship Status: Dating

When And How Often: It occurred early hours of Monday, February 18th 2013
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Re: What is in it?

Postby ElizVanZee on February 23rd, 2013, 6:04 pm

The dream shows a situation in which you are resting very at ease in relation to your boyfriend. (My boyfriend and I were lying down on his bed)

Your boyfriend also represents your thinking about your boyfriend, thinking that lets you rest very at ease. [Your main thought regarding your boyfriend seems to be that you want to make him happy.] While such thinking about your boyfriend lets you rest very at ease, the scene indicates that there is another idea (represented by his friend) that that has come into the situation.

This other idea does come between you perhaps only briefly. The friend represents an idea that could be foreign to your nature – not one your emotional nature would be comfortable with. (he speaks a foreign language) [You mention that you are only dating – but you are trying to become pregnant. Are you really emotionally comfortable about having a child when not married???] As this individual is a friend of your boyfriend, he represents a way of thinking that works in favour of your boyfriend but not particularly in your favour. (he is not “your” friend)

The room being dim implies that a point of view being used is not reflecting much intelligence. [You are trying to get pregnant for your boyfriend but are not married and thus have no commitment from him. You are trying to make him happy, but are you also making yourself happy at the same time?]
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