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A big plain

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A big plain

Postby dreamer333 on January 16th, 2013, 11:00 am

Dream: Last night I was dreaming a huge plain circling above my house{ I don't have any house, but in the dream it was my house and I was inside. The plain had no people only pilot, I saw his face very clearly, he was wearing dark red sweater. The plain was flying very low I was affraid it will touch my house. It was making dangerous maneuvers,I remember flying nose down. Somebody was with me though I did not see who it was, but I said to that person'there are no trees around, but the pilot may not see the electrical wires aboove the house', though around the house there was no trees and there was enough room for the plain to circle. I wasn't actually affraid, I was more suprised to see it happening.

Significant Life Events: Looking for a job as an ultrasound sonographer. I am looking for a job already for 3 years and I am very frustated. I've been on many interview but because of lack of experience I can't get hired. The day before the dream I got very upset because I was highly recommended for this particular position, but the supervisor chose somebody else.I feel extremely frustated, lost, hopeless, lonely,I can't find way out of this desperate situation.

Background: I am 54 years of age, female,white, I have 2 specialities: classical music and ultrasound sonography.

Mental Illness Or Depression: I suffer from depression

Location: Live in US, NY, Westchester, White Plains

Feelings About People: I don't know who was with me in the dream.

Relationship Status: I am divorsed

When And How Often: Last night
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